5 Valuable Bachelor Degrees With Multiple Job Options

5 Valuable Bachelor Degrees With Multiple Job Options Probably now everyone understands the importance of choosing their career and how much is your interest that matters to select a professional course. The diversity is on its path, the numbers of students graduating are increasing day by day but unfortunately the jobs are not matching up that enormous space. That might appear to be a big hurdle for your success. It is vitally important for students to choose careers that offer the best return on investment. One way to accomplish this is to consider bachelor degrees that offer several career paths. Sounds interesting? Want to know more, how to make your career plans with multiple options at once; here is the list as compiled by The Richest. 1. Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology Bachelor’s degree in Psychology is ideal for individuals who are fascinated by psychology and wish to study the ways humans and animals think, feel, act and react to different situations. Undergraduate psychology programs help students acquire a wide range of interpersonal skills, which can then be put to use in a number of different sales and marketing and advertising positions. This degree is one of the most intriguing and in addition offers the most flexibility in terms of potential job opportunities. 2. Master’s Degree in Business Administration Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) is an advanced business degree. It is highly regarded as one of the most prestigious and sought after degrees in the world. Earning a MBA degree opens the way for an individual to a position in management,higher salary and marketability in an ever evolving business market. Most MBA graduates find job in the business field. Others may opt for career options such as entrepreneurship or consulting positions. Some of the most popular career options for an MBA graduate include advertising executive, accountant, credit analyst, business manager, CIO, CEO, corporate recruiter, corporate communications manager or an executive recruiter. 3. Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science has the ability to catapult an aspiring individual’s career to the top. Presently, computer related jobs are the best paying jobs in the market. In addition, it is a constantly growing field with a variety of careers and job opportunities coming up with the evolution of computer technology. This degree will help you become a networking specialist or a computer scientist or an information systems manager who is responsible for drawing technological road map for an organization, smooth functioning of local area network and wide area network, implement cyber security system, and look after other hardware and software system within an organization. Some of the most popular career option for a grad in computer science include software programmer, system analyst, networking manager, information technology manager, computer graphics, cyber security manager and database manager. A graduate in psychology can opt to work in fields such as sales, social service, labor relations, real estate, business service, insurance, administrative positions, middle or top level management. A degree in psychology might even land you in as a career counselors, probation and parole officer and psychiatric technicians. 4. Master’s Degree in Public Health Graduates with Master’s in Public Health can use their skills in a wide variety of fields. They commonly use their skills to access health characteristics and risk factors in populations; plan, evaluate and implement interventions to improve the health of general public; incorporate preventive practices and investigate an outbreak of a disease; and conduct research to evaluate health outcomes. A grad in public health can opt to work in fields such as health services administration, nutrition, international health, environmental health, biomedical laboratory, biostatistics or epidemiology. 5. Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Bachelor’s degree in Communication is ideal for individuals with excellent communication skills. This degree prepares an individual for a wide range of career opportunities. Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in communication can opt to work as a sales manager, interpreter, translator, reporter, broadcast news analyst, correspondent, writer, author, editor, and public relation specialist.

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