Legal Notice and its Importance

These days several lawsuits are filed sometimes when it is necessary while others opt for serving a notice upon opponent of giving out intention filing of a civil suit in the court of competent jurisdiction. 
There are some legislations which make it obligatory to file a legal notice before filing any lawsuit else that lawsuit will be bad in law. 

What is a Legal Notice?
A “Legal Notice” is a notice signifying your opponent that you are preparing to file a lawsuit against him in case the so called claim or demand is not satisfied.

Prominence of Filing a Legal Notice in Indian laws and rules

There is numerous stuff that you should keep in mind, former filing a lawsuit. Like many cases can be settled before hearing. If you contemplate your case can be settled outside the court, you may want to consider the other possibilities before you begin your lawsuit. Some of these substitutes are:

1.    Negotiation or compromise
2.    Arbitration
3.    Mediation

As a court case can be costly plus it is a sluggish way of solving a problem. Several times going for the course of action serve the best to decide the matter without even going to court. As no one wants to waste their money and time in petitioning over a matter which can be resolved by discussions very well. 

These days, even companies while entering into contracts with individuals/firms makes it mandatory on their part to specify section stating that disputes are to be settled through negotiation rather than going to court.
Be that as it may, when discussions don't work, a company/person need not require to specifically document a suit in the official courtroom. They can serve a Legal Notice requesting a solution to their problem and giving aim of documenting a claim whereby there are odds of determination of question through settlement maintaining a strategic distance from claim trials that keep running for a considerable length of time together.

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