Impact of technology in HR-HRIS ERP and SAP

Technology is the main ingredient for the successful running of human capital in organizations. It has transformed the way Human resource functions from selection to performance supervision. 

Technology has transformed many things, some of them are given below :-

Human Resource Information System or HRIS not only sorts the functionality but they it also safeguards the smooth running, without any limitation.

It not only automates databases and employee records but maintains an account of the decisions that have been made or that need to be made as part of a human resource management plan.

ERP term was basically created for large enterprises and is observed as a tool for Opulence for businesses. With modernization in the application architectures and cost structures, ERP adoption is on a rise.

Each undertaking having an ERP application to incorporate its procedures.To cater to these apprehensions and to leverage on this huge opportunity, software companies are focusing on developing products which are ideal to suit the organizational needs. As SAP Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business One are products directed to suit the needs of companies.

Nowadays SAP is so popular and the reason behind is its open architecture. Anyone using it can work on it to create any software to meet their business needs and requirements. It has been created by means of the best methods and you can even carry out organizational processes with a high level of proficiency and precision.

These apps are accumulated in a way that all departments in an organization, are incorporated by it, in a continuous manner. Its functionality is so efficient that many big software companies such as IBM and Microsoft use SAP's products to carry out their corporate undertakings. That’s why; it is the leading benefactor of corporate software, in the realm.

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